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Advocacy Service

The service aim is to provide a tailor made approach to career path planning to meet the specific guidance, training and work experience needs of early school leavers.


The Advocacy Service is a community /centre based career guidance support service for unemployed young people ages 16-21 years , who have left school early with none or incomplete qualifications.


The Service helps clients to develop a Career Path and offers a step by step support which:

  • Helps the young person to clarify their interests and abilities
  • Encourages and motivates the young person
  • Informs the client about their Education and Training options
  • Explains the value of vocational skills and the importance of work experience
  • Helps the young people to gain access to training courses and employment
  • Supports and tracks young people in their progression to and from second strand provisions . ( Community Training Centres and Youthreach)
  • Advocates on behalf of the young person
  • Work as a team with provisions, service and agencies relevant to or working with the target group.

Mentoring Service

Blackpool/Glen/Faranree mentoring programme forms a supportive friendships for young people inspiring them to brighter futures.


The Objectives of The mentoring Programme;


  • To develop a relationship built on trust between the Mentor and Trainee and the centre as a whole.
  • To provide support and guidance for the trainee at a pace which enables them to make a successful step from initial induction stage to full integration to a learning environment.
  • To include appropriate family links. To liaise other programmes within the community.
  • To liaise with the advocate.

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